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Is your wire EDM machine processing, accuracy and efficiency of normal?


Walking machine is a high precision machining machine, you can achieve within 5μm machining accuracy, Ra up to <0.2μm. Some mold factories in the use of walking machine, do not pay attention to the details, that good machine should be able to achieve high-quality processing. In fact, precision machining must establish the concept of precision machining!


First, the process premise

The machine parameters are generally tested under specific conditions (eg workpiece material, electrode wire, temperature 20 ± 3 ° C, humidity 40-80%, etc.). If the following conditions change or can not meet the standard, may lead to deviation in processing results.

1) Flush Code: According to the standard parameters of processing, the pressure gauge indication value and the theoretical value of the comparison, the difference should be less than 0.5bar;

2) workpiece and nozzle gap: 0.05 ~ 0.10mm;

3) Surface roughness requirements Ra ≧ 0.35μm optional ordinary brass wire (recommended with the machine with the same type of random wire), when Ra <0.35μm, in order to get a good processing surface, the choice of galvanized wire Processing;

4) When finishing, please ensure that the water μS <10, especially in the intensive processing, according to process parameters. If necessary, replace resin or purified water.

Second, the impact of temperature on the processing accuracy

In order to carry out high precision and high quality walking thread cutting, environmental stability must meet the requirements of the requirements, can not have any direct sunlight or air flow, should monitor the temperature change. Machine work to ensure the accuracy of the temperature range of 20 ± 3 º, if the temperature difference is large, it will affect the processing accuracy and surface roughness.

The change of room temperature has a great influence on the machining precision, and its influence is reflected in the three dimensions of size, position and shape. As shown in the figure below, the greater the temperature change, the larger the workpiece size, which is more affected by the temperature. For example, the length of 200mm of the workpiece, the temperature difference of 5 degrees will produce a 0.01mm size error. A larger part of the best in a boot to complete, if put a night, but the main effect is not big, but if the cut to stop it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of processing.

Effect of Room Temperature Variation on Machining Accuracy

Third, the factors that affect the efficiency of processing

There are many factors that affect the efficiency of walking thread cutting. If there is a low efficiency in the processing of the situation, you can consider the following two factors.

(1) by the parts structure and clamping limit can not effectively rushed to high pressure water

At this time to see the cutting parts from the clip on the improvement of the Department. Some parts are affected by the support fixture affected by the bottom was raised, and some parts are the pressure plate and clamping screw position, had to raise the nozzle, there is the operator afraid to run into the nozzle did not put the nozzle to the lowest The Low surface is raised to see if the fixture can be used with the table surface in the same plane fixture, or the workpiece directly on the work surface.

By the impact of the screw plate and parts to see whether the use of jaw fixture; for the operator worried that the nozzle will not fall to the lowest point of 0.1mm can be prepared to do the requirements. For the structure is limited, can not effectively rushed to the high-pressure water parts, can only reduce the cutting energy, then the cutting efficiency will have a correct understanding.

(2) run wire system related

1) Check whether the conductive block cooling water is normal. Especially the lower conductive block of the cooling water is there, because the process of cutting will be out of copper, long-term use of the machine may be blocked after the next conductive block cooling water or even the next nozzle with flushing, should be cleaned,

2) Lower arm under the guide wheel rotation is flexible. Check and clean;

3) whether the output wheel is normal;

4) check the wire tension and silk speed, if necessary, re-adjust;

5) Check and clean the guide wire and conductive block.